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Since technology changes so dramatically and quickly, should your surveillance solution not adapt and improve over time as well? We build advanced computer driven surveillance systems where this exact philosophy forms the core of our designs.

Unlike the stagnant world of set top boxes and NVRs our 'streaming servers' offer economy with a total of up to thirty two cameras supported in the software, cost effective support through remote support as well as a familiar experience from Windows as a preferred 'server' platform. While everyone else was attempting to pioneer guardroom viewing solutions we pioneered an event driven, low bandwidth redundancy platform built on web technology. We now bundle this on top of the externally perfected viewing platform to deliver much, much more than our competitors at a fraction of the price. Welcome to our world of innovation and software solutions where your surveillance system can serve you even without a guard on permanent duty.

What our typical streaming server offers you in a nutshell:

Standard functions


1. Full screen, real time camera viewing with up to 32 cameras on one computer.


2. Viewing can be done on the streaming server to alleviate the costs of another high end computer.


3. Instant rewind on every video cell for those events that happened 'just now' that requires a second look.


3. Central user management with camera viewing permissions for different needs. Microsoft Active Directory support has been added for complex corporate needs.


4. Recording is a cyclic, hands free process which can span over multiple hard drives.


5. Extracting evidence is an effort free process. Extracts are embedded in self-contained players to ensure viewing ability as well as tamper proofing.


6. Synchronous event playback to track suspicious events in the recorded video.


7. Making the megapixels worth something: Digital zoom inside the real-time or recorded streams with a familiar mouse click and drag.


8. Scalability: Cameras, recording space or viewing devices can be added as he budget allows without penalties. Our software may be loaded on any amount of clients without additional license fees..


Value added functions


1) We bring you our event driven web system that will give you instant events and history so you have time to react.


2) Redundancy and long term storage: All events are compressed and stored on a separate drive as used by the cyclic recording system. Video storage is hard drive intensive and costly to store over a long period. Static snapshots are tiny in comparison and it is not uncommon for our clients to store events for up to a year. It has proven invaluable to our customers...


3) SMS messages? MMS messages? Say goodbye to those and welcome push notifications. We send you a message at no extra cost with the link to an event with visuals. No more event notification economy.


4) System insight: So the online calculator says you will get 30 days of recordings? That is as close to real science as the horoscope. Welcome to our per camera graphs. Those are live calculated results of your system based on the megapixels and colour complexity.


5) Reliability: Hard drive failure is the number one reason for not retrieving footage when it counts. Thanks to our innovation we can accurately predict and report drive failure based on S.M.A.R.T and Windows drive write failure event analysis.


6) Feedback: Every system generates and send a weekly status report via email to the system owner. This report will provide vital system insight as well as re issue remote access details.


7) Better software: We have our own resizable, movable desktop viewer, event viewer and much more all tied together in a convenient menu. This menu offers a simple interface that will automatically detect your network. It will present the same interface regardless of being remote or local while shielding users from complicated network switching choices.


8) Work smart: Certain tasks are hopefully just not done too frequently, such as presenting the authorities with footage. We know that tasks performed seldom may be daunting to the user, and for that reason we have a full set of our own Standard Operating Procedures to cater for that. Complete with screen shots, these handy quick tutorials will get everyone going in a matter of minutes without any prior system experience. Of course we also have other SOP's such as switching on equipment after a power failure that may seem trivial until your staff encounters such a situation.




1) Retail shops: We have designed a complete network protocol based POS integration system. It offers instant dispute settlement as well as risk tracking based on staff habits. Unlike the old serial method, this is both cost effective and tamper proof. Results are offered as HTTP and may even be accessed via mobile phone.


2) Number plate: We delivered a blacklist and whitelist feature for number plate recognition with push messaging abilities.


3) Corporate: our web driven system is completely enterprise policy friendly and can be used in conjunction with proxies and other complex network environments.


4) Synergy: We deemed it a useful feature to integrate biometrics with our camera solutions. Presently we support ZKTeco as well as VIRDI access control with web driven, visual confirmation and camera jump to select a different angle.







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