We offer secure enterprise grade surveillance at an affordable price.
We build our own software to allow unique and powerful features not available from other vendors.

This includes niche functions:

People counting
Time lapse
Push notifications
Number plate detection
Our camera controller servers natively supports Virdi access control and biometric systems.

This integration lowers the total cost of ownership while offering integration benefits.

Can be upgraded to allow time & Attendance
We are authorized installers of the popular MK-II estate intercom system.

Our surveillance development allows us to integrate intercom systems with IP cameras to give you push messages, event history as well as mobile phone and computer opening. authorized installers of the popular MK-II estate intercom system.
Looking for a boom gate system with bespoke features? Look no further!

Our booms/turnstyles can be fitted with networked biometric locks, number plate detection and high resolution IP surveillance.

Unique features includes long term event storage on button presses and blacklisting.
If you have more than one WIFI location to cover, then there is only one solution: Enterprise WIFI that allows multiple AP's to be managed from a central controller.

Our camera servers have a unique, out of the box Ubiquiti controller. It runs as system service with self healing and Java upgrade resilliance.
We are one of very few security companies taking your cyber security serious. We avoid insecure systems because we know how bad they are!

Our firewall systems manages your network while it offers you the following features:

Internet access control, Intrusion detection, content filtering, geo location blocking and much more.
Why choose our systems?
We are, to our knowledge the oldest dedicated IP surveillance house in South Africa, we have turned 10! Being a dedicated IP security company means that all our focus is on this one subject. The end-result is a precision instrument, not just another camera system. We also have endured in an industry where few survived more than two years. This allows us to know how well these solutions hold up after a decade, from cables to network gear. This also gives our customers the assurance that we will serve them for years to come when needed most.

Peace of mind: We build managed solutions so you have assurance your systems are updated, compliant with latest technologies and also not becoming a platform for security breaches.

References: We will provide references with quotes.

Our rapid deployment and installation quality is legendary. We make sure our impact on your business is minimal.

Economy: For a small monthly fee worth less than one hour of support, we will allow our clients unlimited remote and telephone support. Remote access allows us to deploy even new View Stations at no additional charge!

Potential growth: Draconian systems can integrate with niche technology that may benefit you such as people counting, Time lapse and even thermographic cameras without the need for extra DVR's.

⦁ Versatility: We combine access control and WIFI controllers with the surveillance core to get more value from a single computer.

⦁ Lifespan: These systems don’t grow obsolete like analogue setups and can instead be built upon literally decades after the initial installation. IP is the ongoing surveillance revolution…

⦁ Lower total cost of ownership: We do most of our repairs and diagnostics via remote support. This saving in callout fees alone will save you much more money than the price difference between ours and cheap DVR's.

⦁ Unique abilities: We have our own software systems that allows us to fully tailor every system to be a perfect fit, not a generic recipe imposed on you…

⦁ Faster technology adoption: We were the first company to roll out Vivotek 360° cameras, the first company to roll out 10 Terabyte surveillance drives, The first to standardise on Solid state drives, The first to standardise on Windows 10 for servers, The first to roll out Vivotek’s stereoscopic people counting cameras and now we are the first company to have deprecated dome and bullet style cameras in favour of 180 degree saturation cameras. A change that benefits the owner of the system rather than the installer:

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