Did you know?

IP security cameras are used in nearly every type of facility and application: on streets, on building exteriors, inside buildings and hallways, in parking lots, and so on.


There are many types of fixed or adjustable cameras suited for many applications.

They serve the needs of military, government, utilities, corporate,medical, retail, hospitality, transportation, and education and more.


To serve the wide variety of needs and applications,whether indoors or out, a reliable high-speed IP network is needed to connect cameras, servers, and the operations center where monitoring occurs, whether inside a building or atop a roof or traffic light.


The range of applications, environments, and even the types of cameras used, all dictate the need for adaptive IP/Ethernet networking infrastructure scalable to and optimized for the specific requirement.


A “one solution fits all” approach lacks the robustness and economic efficiency to solve the range

of applications required of I.P video surveillance.

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Our Background

Draconian was founded in November 2008 in an effort to promote and develop digital surveillance networks.

We believe that surveillance products are not ‘one size fits all’, but to be truly effective it needs to be tailored for different applications, environments and customer requirements.


This philosophy has earned us a steady growth in customers and our technology has been providing better security to all, from residential and business to factories and multinational corporates.

Our software engineering and development has produced a steady stream of technological advances to our customers over the past years.





to choose Draconian

We offer free technical support as well as training on all our products


We meet independently with all involved parties to ensure a seemless integration of our equipment with any purchased IT equipment.


Our staff are high level IT professionals with strong skills in networking, computer hardware and software. Our presence on site is like having an external IT consultant.


We document every device on your network and deliver a complete device inventory as part of our project hand over. That helps you keep track of all the equipment, from user names to wireless access passwords.


We have a proven track record and gladly offer references on request.


We believe in accountability.


We listen to your requests and have the ability to modify programs for your specific needs. Why should you be forced to accept non purpose built solutions and imposed limits?


Innovation: Camera systems are only as powerful as its supporting software. With this in mind we have developed our own software solutions to extend the functions of these devices and to improve its user experience. By choosing to do business with Draconian, you support the development of better systems, built for South Africa.


Business confidence: We offer exceptional after sales support to our customers. We do not just do business, we forge lasting partnerships. Our online call logging facility and knowledgebase allows our clients and partners extremely short support turnaround times. When you have trouble, we are there to help you.


IP Camera Surveilance and monitoring is the best available security - why not let us assist you to implement it?


Vison & Mission

We believe that the Private security & IP Surveillance market is in

its growth stage and that we are uniquely positioned to provide

a simple modern security solution. A strong Partner like Draconian

is needed to ensure a smooth and effortless transition from

CCTV to IP Surveillance.

Draconian offers Complete IP Surveillance Solutions Design,

Software to Hardware, Installations and Integrations with various

other platforms. Draconian specializes in IP Camera Surveillance

Solutions and we have our own software to back the integrations

we deliver to our clients.


Our Software creates a vast array of possibilities that no other IP

Camera Company can offer. Some features:

Complete Remote Support for your IP Camera Installation; Snap

Shot Technology; a library of events which provides the user with

quick, accurate, high quality, searchable imagery. Bandwidth

Economy Control while streaming multiple cameras; utilizing the

power and high quality footage of Digital IP Cameras.

Our mission is to create value and make a difference. We are

dedicated to providing custom security solutions that gives our

customers an advantage. Draconian assists with fighting crime

in South Africa with state of the art security solutions. We also

assist any business with management of operations, staff and


We are forming strong alignments with the right partners, both locally and internationally,

and fast-tracking our development in the security industry.


Draconian Digital Surveillance Specialists