Event Viewer

All our systems have an “Event viewer” which displays events in one central thumbnail viewer. Every motion event displays a thumbnail picture of the event, allowing you to instantly replay the saved video for this event. To make this better, it can be accessed on any networked computer. The event viewer supports search functions and instant replay of any other camera for the same time. Because thumbnails are small and quick to display the event browser will show 20 events at a time and can literally hold thousands of events. We offer 24/7 recordings with a very intuitive user interface.

Remote Monitoring

Remote off-site monitoring at very high rates by security company x is extremely costly and completely out of the control of the owner of the system. You have to trust them and also hope that their probably underpaid staff will not be enterprising. Usually, much like alarm systems, these solutions are rented and isn’t the property of the ‘contract holder’. Since billing is the most important aspect, the best system for them is the one with a built in billing system instead of system intelligence.

Our solutions have owners. Our solutions are aimed towards making the owner safer by giving vital security information at the click of a button, and we deliver that effectively and with simplicity. Remote monitoring should be a community based project because nobody cares about your security as much as you do. Because our solutions are natively computerized it can be extended over wireless cells to deliver camera feed free of monthly retainers to neighbors and farms over large distances. Our cameras supports user access permissions as well as timer based privacy masks. This allows farming communities to share cameras with each other. (Wireless equipment sold separately)

Better Software

South Africa has a very unique history of violent crime. This is in contrast to what the rest of the world requires from the security camera industry. The commercial applications for cameras internationally revolve around factories, airports, government institutions etc. All of which has 24/7 manned security centers. This application difference, in combination to the lack of local camera software development has led us to the traditional DVR. New software versions are deployed by manufacturers, but DVRs are seldom upgraded once sold. For the high cost systems the newer

software versions seldom had much in store for small scale and private systems. Because all DVRs around features only software developed abroad (usually China/India) feature requests and enhancements either did not make economic sense or could not be translated.


Business Confidence

We have developed our own software solutions to improve user experience.

We offer exceptional after sales support to our customers. We do not just do business, we forge lasting partnerships. Our online call logging facility and knowledge base allows our clients and partners extremely short support turnaround times. When you have trouble, we are there to help you.


IP Camera Surveillance and monitoring is the best available security - why not let us assist you to implement it?

Draconian Check List

Excellent technical support as well as training on all our products

Tailor-made Solutions

Highly skilled professionals

Well documented installation and professional project hand over.

Proven track record

Good communication with existing customers and excellent after sales care.


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