Event viewer

Easy access to footage of events and triggers like motion detection, Tamper detection, Digital inputs and outputs.


The ability to jump to a different camera for the same time frame in order to get a multi angle view.


Reduces time spent searching for footage

Access control integration

As we develop our own software, we are able to integrate into most brands of access control and time and attendance devices.

Draconian POS Pro

We can integrate into point of sale software and hardware and provide the following features:


Quick access to footage

Float monitoring

Transaction recording

Standalone application for quick access to any Point of Sale in group or business.

Transaction footage and information is uploaded to Customer Web Portal


All information is searchable via:


Transaction number

Transaction type

Date and Time

Transaction amount

Key words





Customer Web interface

We provide customers with the ease of viewing footage and events online


We monitor system health and system uptime and faults live


Customer can maintain system online with features like:

Password reset

System restart

Give guests access to the system

Request support


Viewing on mobile devices is simplified through the following features:


Push Technology

Auto detection of device operating system. (Android, Apple OS, Blackberry)

S-Matrix provides a refreshed image every second for live viewing

Clear high Definition images on the go






Miniviewer is a standalone application which gives you the ability to view up to 10 cameras without having to open the matrix view.


Miniviewer features:


Timeshift provides the ability to quickly go back in time up to 5mins without having to go to recorded footage application


Easy switching between cameras ( Even from multiple locations and servers)


Live event notifications via text or popup.


Fisheye 360degree camera controls allow you to split the view into 9 different views from the same camera.


Miniviewer can float on top so that you can continue with other functions on the server


Miniviewer can be installed on up to 10 different computers as a standalone application



Draconian Surveillance Solution's flexible service and support programs are tailored to meet a wide range of needs, and are designed to protect your Draconian investment well into the future.


Our Digital Surveillance Solutions are designed for a wide range of scenarios, including: Retail, Education, Banking, Gaming, Government, Health care, Hotel & Leisure and Transportation.


Whatever the application, we have a solution for you. Intelligent Video Analytics Surveillance systems offering real time video analysis alerts on missing/suspicious objects, object counting, object tracking and face detection.






We specialize in:

IP cameras; Digital IP Camera Surveillance; IP Surveillance Software; IP Camera Software; Surveillance Software; Motion Trigger

Event Library; HD Quality Surveillance Footage; Vivotek SAI Partner; Vivotek South Africa; Snap Shot Technology; Multi platform

Surveillance Viewers; Hardware to Software Surveillance Solutions; Wireless IP Camera Solutions; Complete IP Camera Surveillance

Solutions and Installations.

Draconian believes in providing the customer with optimal security solutions on all platforms. This enables business owners to gain more control over their assets. Functionality and user friendly integration and innovation are key factors that sets us apart from the rest.

Draconian Digital Surveillance Specialists