Service Level Agreement
Draconian guarantees that the final product will be free from defects and installation faults when we sign off the project. Should any faults be discovered by either party we will undertake to repair it at no cost.
Equipment replacements are subject to availability.
All ICT hardware are covered by at least a one year warrantee. Collection and installation rates apply. Cameras are covered by a two year warrantee which can be extended to three years on arrangement.
Draconian declares that we source our equipment from reputable suppliers that honor the manufacturer's warrantee.
Access control, surveillance cameras as well as gate automation have local repair centers to ensure that your expensive components will be repaired swiftly and economically.

All software has been evaluated for fitness and put through rigorous testing, but we cannot guarantee it being bug free under all conditions. Software is covered under the software license agreement:

Draconian pledges to only install equipment that are to the best of our knowledge safe for your network and will not expose our customers to any known exploits.

Should an exploit become known, we will minimize your exposure and supply firmware or software to remediate the risk as a matter of high importance.

For this reason Draconian only support cameras from Vivotek, Access control from Virdi and wireless systems from Ubiquity.

Draconian avoid systems that are known to be insecure or that have been deemed a risk by international security agencies.

Our blacklist currently contain the following vendors:  Hikvision, Dahua, ZTE and Huawei.

All SLA systems are actively upgraded as new software gets released by the manufacturers. This means you get the latest features, network security as well as compatibility with even the most recent mobile devices.

SLA customers are entitled to the following:

1) Unlimited remote support for Surveillance, Access control, Firewalls, Ubiquity Unifi, Aircontrol and our own systems.

2) Unlimited telephone support.

3) Unlimited client installs.

4) Unlimited firmware upgrades.

5) Perpetual software updates for Vivotek cameras, Virdi access control, Ubiquiti Unifi, Ubiquity Aircontrol, Windows operating system on servers and Draconian software.

6) Operating procedures for tasks routinely performed so staff training time and costs can be reduced.

7) Premium Dynamic DNS that wont expire or need reactivation.

8) Cloud backup of all settings. This allows us to recover a complete system within one hour from even the most severe catastrophic failure.

9) Faster turnaround times for support: Same day service for critical failures, and two days for general support issues.

10) Access to our vast array of loan equipment, including switches, routers, power supplies, surveillance cameras, gate controllers and even Virdi biometric terminals. Loan equipment is served on a 'first come, first serve' basis.

11) SLA contracts available that includes cleaning and maintenance on request.

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